TWICE Mina handmade Japanese sweets, Korean rice cakes arranged in Japanese style, a delightful experience for the members

On July 23, TWICE posted episode 4 of their reality show “”TIME TO TWICE” TDOONG Forest” on their official channel. It shows the members enjoying a healing trip in a land rich in nature.

While the members were spending their time as they wished after lunch, Mina and Tzuyu started to prepare something. Apparently, the two started making kinako mochi (soybean flour rice cakes) using the leftover rice.

While we were making the rice cakes, Mina prepared soybean flour, salt, and sugar for seasoning. Tzuyu asked curiously.

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Tzuyu asked curiously, “Do you put sugar in it?” In Japan, kinako mochi is usually made with kinako, salt, and a lot of sugar, while in Korea, sugar is often left out.

Mina said, “I wanted to try making one in the Japanese style.” Mina also tried her hand at making both Korean and Japanese style kinako mochi.

Afterwards, Mina made Japanese style kinako mochi and shared it with MOMO, a Japanese member.

MOMO also praised Mina’s Japanese style kinako mochi, saying it was “delicious. Seeing this scene, the members tried their hand at making Japanese style sweet soybean flour rice cakes for the first time.

Mina was also very pleased with the Japanese style kinako mochi, which was unexpectedly popular.

She revealed that she was worried about whether the Japanese style kinako mochi would be accepted, but she was relieved to see that the response was greater than she had imagined.


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